"Batman VS Superman : Dawn Of Justice" Saya Bagi 3/5 Bintang, Actually ini pun a bit generous. Hi korang , propaba...

Filem Review - Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice

"Batman VS Superman : Dawn Of Justice"

Saya Bagi 3/5 Bintang, Actually ini pun a bit generous.

Hi korang , propabally korang dah expected this film review, its been Hype all over panggung with this movie. Before we start , just to be clear out this only personal opinion tiada kaitan yang masih  hidup mahupun tiada. Basically i am consider a fans not status "kipas susah mati" but i know the story line for DC superheroes. So what i am judge based on what i am expected rather than what i saw.
Short sinopsis Batman VS Superman : Dawn of Justice

This story start from the superman movie "Man of Steel" in this movie Superman had to fight general zodd from destroy the earth. By doing so , cause the loss of life and collateral damage to friends and family. with this cause make batman and people of gotham consider superman as "ancaman". With this threat , lex luthor as psychopath create a flame between gotham people and batman to superman. with this bermula lah pergaduhan antara batman and superman.

Disitu lah batman dapat tahu ada other manusia mempunyai kuasa selain superman , such as wonder women , cyborg , aquaman dan the flash. This one will be related on the Justice League Movie. So keep it for a while Yaa... kalau nak tahu baca comic DC

after that lex luthor create satu monster daripada DNA dia , disitu lah batman wonder women and superman bergabung fight that monster. This is one of the scene that i like. 

 So here Cons 
  • Too many unrelated flash back from batman and superman , since we already know what the cause of batman become batman and superman become superman. kenapa nak ulang ballik too many time
  • Plot banyak missing link , for example masa batman tertidur decrypting lex luthor data , so suddenly dapat mimpi apa kaitan superman and lousi lane. 
  • should batman more dark emotion    
  • As DC fans boy teruja jugak tgk batman fight with superman 
  • Wonder woman by Gal Gadot superbly good. And And Super HOTTTTT ... 
  • the fighting scene direction also good , focus more on the fight scene. but kenapa tgh lawan lawan nak kene kiss . DAAAA .... 
Conclusion of this movie 3/5 what we called OK LA ... the ending tuh macam korang confuse sikit en , so taknak spoiler better read it kalau nak tahu apa jadi for those superpower people and superman better read DC comic . Next movie will be huntsman and the winter wars.


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