Selamat Tahun Baru  , Selamat Bersekolah & Selamat Berkerja. Hai again , to who you are reading this. Almost a year , i a...

2016 Continued from what we left 2015


Selamat Tahun Baru  , Selamat Bersekolah & Selamat Berkerja.
Hai again , to who you are reading this.

Almost a year , i am abandon this blog again  so sad right , another promise and yet we keep broken it. that what life do in our daily life . "We promise and We Broke it"

Maybe this introduction for 2016 is a bit dark , but in 2015 i find my self drowning and  feel alone to survive in 2015. After the last post , i am finally finish from my studies. June 2015 my final year project run so smoothly even though there several hiccup during the presentation. "Nama pun Final Year Project Last Minute"

Several month after my FYP, i am start internship for my last semester, before that i need to find place to internship. During searching there are several place offer me place for my internship. Cyberjaya and Bangsar the 1st 2 company offer me an internship. At Cyberjaya the company have high expectation on their internship student , based on that i am not that kind of student and the company offer a bit different from my major studies.

After that, at Bangsar South small company less than 20 people in office. Even though a bit far since i am already comfortable long distance travel from home to university. After interview short and fast my scope really really easy , feel like become part time technician. During the process suddenly the company unable to provide internship during that time because the manager that supervise me got an overseas job. A bit sad , since i am already HYPE to start an internship at that moment , i think the HR person also feel it , the tone in my voice totally different. "Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya"

Internship dateline just around corner , and yet still not able to get any internship offer. During that got an internship needed posted on the jobstreet but the location 50 km from my house but the travel duration less that 40min. Well without any thinking just sent the resume , Walla the next day right away got call from company. Like other internship application i am always check company background and others stuff regarding the company and it hit me quite surprised , very short notice and phone call interview, LOL never experience before.  10 min phone i am got an internship at TCIM Sdn Bhd for the next 4 month. Next Blog Pahit Manis Internship and My Future Plan.

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